Donald Trump admits he is a germaphobe, he has been utterly deceived by the medical deep state, but I hope he is recovering, I hope he finally notices that they are again attempting to remove him from office – he is in the way of their brave new one world order!

The Lord is in the process of exposing the “Medical Deep State”, just as he has used the attempted coup de tau of Donald Trump, our President, to expose the embedded corrupt government deep state.  But as far as this Covid-19 Hoax, I have some questions:

  1.  How many people have REALLY died from Covid-19?  We already know that many who are listed as having died from Covid-19 were already going to die of another ailment, they didn’t die from Covid-19, they died with a positive or false positive test for Covid-19.  We already know that the hospitals are hurting for money, so they get a lot of extra money for false claims on people who die in their hospitals, doctors are being pressured to lie on death certificates.
  2. How many people die from heart disease, cancer, suicide, drug overdose, the regular influenza, abortion, car wrecks?  During the same period of time let’s compare actual causes of death in our population so we can accurately compare side by side the dangers we face everyday to see if perhaps Covid-19 in the whole scheme of things has been the biggest scare hoax of all time!
  3. Why does Dr. Democrat Fauci and all of his cohorts in the media and the democrat party, – all of the one world order traitors among us, why do they get such pleasure in their eyes and countenance at the shutting down of America?  Why are they lying about the data, why are they stoking fear at every turn, why are they so giddy at the prospect of the failure of America?

Following is a REAL honest exchange with a man who is not afraid of the truth, he is not giddy about the destruction of America, he is neither amused by the completely needless deaths that are being caused in nursing homes by these Democrat politicians with Dr. Fauci at the head, listen through this, these are the facts, don’t listen to the computer screen nerds, geeks, knownothings who run Facebook and Google, listen to someone who knows what he speaks of.  And you tell me if Covid 19 is not a hoax purposefully thrust upon the American economy in the end to destroy the freedom and God this country claims to be under.  Unfortunately the following youtube video by world renowned epidemiologist, Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, has been remove and censured by the fascist geek/nerds at Google.   This doctor says that more people will die from the lock downs in this country, our shutting down schools will prevent our children from getting herd immunity, and thus the more vulnerable among us will die as a result.  This doctor has praised the approach that Sweden took, and Sweden is doing just fine as a result of it.  Google is a left wing fascist – woke company which greatly deserves that scorn and despite I hold for them, everyone should work together to overthrow this leftist cabal and send them back to their mommies basement, where they belong!  Google, Facebook and all social media in general are the most dangerous group of people to trust with any authority whatsoever over the freedoms of the American people.  They MUST be opposed and DEFEATED!