Sometimes things occur to me at night – I don’t call them dreams or visions – but they come to me in my sleep and it begins to make sense to me, to the extent that I believe they are from God. This came to me in my sleep last night –

Earlier this year our nation was shocked when violence erupted on the streets of many cities here in the US – fear filled our hearts – that also coupled with the fear of death due to this covid-19 pandemic. In the Christian community there was division over the fear, there were those who were afraid and those who believed the fear was hyped up, they believed we were being played, it was and still is a point of contention and division, the division between the mask wearers and those who doubt their effectiveness. It became clear after the news of these violent riots which were dismissed by the anti-Trumpsters as being “mostly peaceful protests”, it became clear that the Democrat party was being hurt by people in their own party who did not like the riots and were turning against them. When they realized this they started speaking platitudes against the violence to calm down the party faithful. As the year progressed the organized intensity of the riots have lessened because it has been clear they were not producing the needed effect and plan B is now in effect.

It is this “Plan B” that I believe the Lord brought to my attention last night when I was sleeping. Of course I use “Plan B” in a metaphorical sense, there has been so many plans it would be tough to give them all a letter right now. But the attitude of the deep state establishment over the last four years and beyond, has been one of elitist superiority, a aura of being above the law, making laws for the commoners they had no intention of keeping. The Trump presidency has come to America to expose corruption – this corruption has been going on for years. In the past we have largely regarded these claims of corruption as conspiracy theories – but the Lord has used the Trump presidency to anger these evil forces in America designed to do two things, God is exposing the corruption in America – in which so many Christians have put their trust, and God is shaking up Christians to expose their own wickedness as well. Christians have released great evil on earth and in heaven – a principle in the Bible I might add, more on that later.

PLAN B: I want to get to the crux of the matter – not intending to leave you in suspense – we can talk about the wisdom later. The “Anti-Trumpsters”, “Establishment Deep State” – “The Democrat Illegal Voting Machine” (which has been operating undercover for years), have now given their all in a “one last ditch attempt” to defeat Trump and take over the reigns of power in this country. They have now the power to shut down meetings, churches, businesses, in areas run by the “Establishment Deep State”, they have enacted massive voter fraud to overturn the votes of those who are being effected by their illegal laws and power grabs. Make no mistake here, they are currently well on their way to a successful thievery of the US election! They have now successfully declared themselves the winners, the corporate mainstream media – even Fox News bowing down – they have said that Joe Biden/Harris is the new President of the USA. There are celebrations everywhere, congratulations from sports anchors while broadcasting game scores, some Republicans bowing down to the throne of Joe Biden/Harris, these people have declared themselves the winners – they have no intention of backing down from that claim – EVER! By illegally claiming Biden/Harris the winner, they have now produced enormous glee and rejoicing among the anti-Trumpsters, enormous pressure on the courts to rule their way, an enormous wave of fear aimed at any would be dissenters, because this is NEVER going to be reversed – they have no intention of backing down EVER! It couldn’t be more crystal clear to me, if their voter fraud gets exposed, if they lose in court (they won’t obey the orders or enforce them), if things do not go their way – they have every intention of starting a real live bloody civil war in this country, after their base has enjoyed the high of gleeful celebration of victory – if that is taken away from them, they will be ready to fight – THAT IS PLAN B! They cannot allow the power and corruption of the “Deep State” to be exposed any longer – they know if they lose the reins of power, they will go to jail – people who run big corporate interests will go to jail – they will NEVER allow this!


Earlier this year I did a video in which I addressed the dreams of one Dana Coverstone, the visions of one Mark Taylor, and the visions and prophecies of a younger man by the name of Marcus Rogers. You can see it here if you haven’t already: And I was right on all counts.

This message includes every last doom and gloom – every last peace and prosperity Prophet – Preacher of Christendom – God has been, and continues to attempt to get your attention. The scriptures couldn’t be more clear on this – when a man gives false dreams, prophecies, visions – words from God – it is because God is against him – God is exposing him – God is testifying against him – God is testifying against the people who believe him – who follow him – who listen to him and are so sure that God is just like him – when he is not. The failure of Christendom today and every last one of it’s blind leaders, is the failure to say “Where is God?” – the failure to observe “The work of God” – they observe their own works – but not God’s Works! The Prophets/Preachers/Pastors of Christendom have NOT turn these people from their sins, but they have seen false visions – false burdens – even visions and burdens deserving of banishment from the Lord! This is so sad. If they really stood before the Lord as they claim – would they not hear from God and turn these people to righteousness? The very bravest among you will rebuke wicked men for aborting their children , while neglecting their own children to be raise up in the way and nurture of the Lord. You judge the wicked, contrary to scripture, and yet refuse to judge yourselves. You do not believe this “The world shall know you are my disciples by your love on for another” – Your counsel is corrupt on every level – you continue to crucify the Lord afresh by your refusal to even hear the words of the Lord against you – you are a rebellious people who will not hear!

So is God going to deliver you from the Assyrian army – this vile Assyrian army which wants to destroy your western culture, force your daughters to marry them and scatter your sons among the heathen so that you will even forget and be forgotten? Will God some how or another just because he is God, he is long-suffering, will he give you another chance? Will Donald Trump finally prevail as all of your false Prophets have claimed? As for myself, God knows – I don’t want Joe and Kamala for president – makes me want to go hide in a rock somewhere – but I have to believe in God and trust my life into his hands – but let me tell you one thing Christendom – if Joe Biden prevails – then this is the message from the Lord – you can find this message in Rev. ch 2-3 “because you suffer that woman Jezebel to teach and seduce my servants to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit fornication, the Lord will put you into a bed with her into great tribulation – and he will kill your children” – read it folks – you are on the brink of getting Pelosi/Harris for president! I would think that would get your attention!

Your Prophets/Preacher/Pastors are lying to you when they tell you that all you need to do is pray – take the authority God has given you – pray with authority – say “Devil, I rebuke you!” – they tell you your words are powerful – they are LYING to you. The prayer of the righteous man availeth much, but the prayer of a wicked man is an abomination to the Lord. If these men who you trust were really hearing from God as they claim, if they really were walking in the favor of the Lord – they would turn you from you sins, but the truth be told – they are not even in tune with what your sins are. They just want you to fill their pews, vote Republican or Democrat, pay your tithes and believe that everything will be ok, nothing is going to change, just as it was yesterday, it will be tomorrow and next year – nothing to see here folks. Well trust me folks – you are bought with a price, God will do what he needs to to get your attention, and he is – but what now?

We will see – but civil war is coming unless the people who hate you become your rulers with complete power, no checks of that power at all. God will NOT give his glory to any of your prophets, pastors, preachers – whether their message is peace or doom, God is against all of them. So if God saves you and gives you more time to repent, or he destroys you and doesn’t – he will do neither to uphold any of your leaders – they are blind, leaders of the blind. Notice how many nervous prophets there are these days among you? I heard one man admit that if Trump does not become president, he will lose his ministry – his living in other words, he promised he had heard from God! I am telling you, if you don’t know what your sins are, since you have appointed men in your own image to speak to you, I can help, I know what your sins are – I don’t care about your money, I care about the glory of the Lord, and I sincerely wish to live in peace – I don’t want a civil war in America – I could tell you your sins – I am just guessing that the Jezebel now teaching you would like that very much – listen – your call – it’s on you, all I can do is attempt in the feeble way I have to try to dissuade you from this judgment on your doorstep!