Who will you hear? I am still trying!

Following – I am still attempting to speak what I know the Lord has shown me about Babylon in these last days, I also have a message for Apologia, Mark Taylor and Marcus Rogers.  I am completely aware that these people have no regard for what I might say, but I have this thing about truth, if I have what no one else appears to have, then who will say it if I don’t – especially when it is as important as this!  Don’t look for production and music in my presentations, look for truth – that is what separates myself from so many others.  Oh yea, and by the way – that expression below was chosen by google to make me look extreme – don’t trust them, just listen to what I have to say completely, and then ask questions if you have any, or statements if you have them.

The Bible is NOT the Word of God – Anti-Christ!

Today I would like to ask you to please put your pitchforks down, trust me you don’t know what I am about to say; (Pro 18:13) He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.  So please put the green wood away – I thank God that the Protestants and Catholics no longer have the power to burn their enemies with green wood and all the other wicked things they have done to anyone who would have dared to stand against them in a matter of doctrine and practice.  Continue reading

Good VS Evil – Family Hierarchy VS Communism

I am writing this article today because Satan is attacking my family.  I am writing this article today for the benefit of my family, and to benefit other families in the same predicament.  I am writing this article today because I need to identify the old tactics of the devil and I need you to understand that I know EXACTLY what is going on and how to combat it.  I will be distributing this letter – article among my family members and I suggest that you do the same in your family, these evil tactics need to be revisited and explained – this is the best way to combat them. Continue reading