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I have a theory about establishment politics and the establishment media, it’s like an institutional church. Back when I was but a teenage boy, our family attended a UPC Holy Roller Pentecostal church. For us back then we were always looking for the Holy Spirit to show up in our meetings. As we sung, prayed and the preacher stood up to give us a pep-talk, not always, but occasionally sister Sue would start to cry and then Brother Ham would get up and start jumping around the building, up and down the isles, along with Pastor’s wife Marsha, would start banging the keys on the organ, AND then we KNEW that the Holy Spirit had shown up in our meeting! Before long everyone was crying and running around the church, because everyone “felt” the Holy Spirit.

The only difference between my old holy roller Pentecostal Church and the establishment political-media gatherings in our country is that the holy rollers were looking for the Holy Spirit to show up, but the establishment political-media is waiting for the truth to show up. The truth does not always show up, but every so often sister Sue starts crying and brother Ham starts jumping around the church, while the Pastor’s wife Marsha, bangs on the organ keys and they all are so sure that truth has arrived!

That explains what happened recently when Donald Trump said something that made a lot of sense, sister Sue started crying and so on … However, may I just say, now that I am older and more mature and have left the establishment, I do realize that it wasn’t the Holy Spirit that showed up in my old Holy Roller Pentecostal Church. So when will the establishment political-media begin to realize that just because sister Sue starts crying, that does NOT mean that the TRUTH has shown up! Maybe we should just start calling them Holy Rollers!

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