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Well howdy do out there!   I realize I haven’t had much to say recently.  I don’t speak unless I  do have something to say.  Been real busy in my job lately, and I also must admit that I throw my hands up in the air over the complete foolishness that parades it’s self as goodness, love, kindness, brotherly love today.  You know if this is brotherly love I am experiencing then the scriptures can not be true.  Yes you guessed it, another potential brother of mine bit the dust a couple weeks ago.  I struggle with speaking about it because it is my sense that evil imaginations may take a hold in your minds and you would miss the point of what I am briefly attempting to communicate.

I cannot stress to you enough that I am committed to serve the Lord in my life, I fear God.  When I am in trouble and in need and looking for reason to live and meaning in life, I go to the rock that is higher than I, Jesus Christ my Lord and savior.  I am simply another wilderness Christian looking for a promise to come.  This promise is future and is written and spoken of through out scripture.  That is the promise that one day the Lord will gather his Saints, those who have made a covenant with him by sacrifice, and the Lord will have a visible remnant of people who love one another and bring glory to the name of the Lord here on earth and in heaven.

Some speak of this as “the Kingdom of God” where the Lord rules and reigns with his people.  But for whatever reason this Kingdom is being attacked and prevented from emerging.  Those who claim that this Kingdom is not coming, but somehow or another already here, let me tell you what is going on with them, I believe.  These people are old, they already have done what they believe will carry them through, they have adequate respect and friends, they are settled on their “LEES” (look it up in the KJV OT).  They have been there and done that, nothing new under the sun to them, they know how to run “church”.  They already are so sure that they know the difference between right and wrong, what is good and bad, true judgement and false judgement, they are set in their ways and only a major disaster or earthquake would ever get their attention.

There is a day of reckoning coming brothers, the Lord isn’t going to lose ONE of his true Saints, the elect.  God, just as he promised in Psalms 50, he is coming and he will set it straight right before your face.  That’s right brother, you can treat me with disrespect, you can lie to me, speak evil behind my back, rather than speak the truth to my face, and you can, along with ALL your friends, un-friend me in social media.  But I still remain a member in good standing of the Kingdom of God, his chosen people, the elect.  No matter how influential you may be, you don’t get to decide my place in the Kingdom of God!  Thank God that he is a righteous judge who sits on the throne of David!

I cared enough about you to tell you the truth and you refused to do the same in return.  I am going no where, Jesus is still my Lord and savior.  All of your behind the scenes mischief will not go unseen by the only righteous and just King Jesus!  I tell you again, sir, just in case you get a glimpse at this post, what you are promoting is sectarianism, elitism, it’s not love, it’s the opposite.

Yes, another potential brother bites the dust, an all to familiar scene to me, yet I remain a member of the body of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  Nothing will separate me from his Love!  My conscience is clear, I said nothing wrong to the brother.  Another Brother Bites the Dust!