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If you truly believe the scriptures, you will definitely believe this saying, “A spiritual man judges all things, yet he himself is judged by no one”. You might ask, how can it be that a man judges all things and yet is judged by no one?
Jesus Christ is our example, let’s start with him, he came from God and every word he spoke was true, there was no lie in him, he is our example. Jesus said, “no man comes to the Father, but through me”, so everyone that received this man, this man with a despised image who was himself The Son of God and God himself, was given power to become the Son’s of God themselves. So EVERYONE who received Christ entered a journey to receive the same glory, the same inheritance, the same riches of Jesus Christ, the first begotten Son of God. Jesus told those who he came for, the Israelites, “I would have gathered you as a mother hen does gather her chicks, but you would not, so your kingdom is left unto you desolate.” Most people haven’t stopped long and thought about what Jesus was saying, Jesus was saying if the Jews had received him he would have gathered them into their kingdom and all the words of the prophets of old, the promises of God would be theirs.

If they had received Jesus, he would have set up his kingdom, destroyed the kingdoms of this world and today he would be sitting on the throne of David, ruling the entire world from Jerusalem with his people the Jews. Remember the blessing given by God to Jacob when he changed his name to “Israel”, here is what the name means, “to prevail over their enemies and rule as God”. Most people don’t seem to understand how close the kingdom of God is, they don’t understand if they would receive the despised image of the Lord Jesus, the kingdom of God would come to them and they would rule with Christ!
Today, right now, there are many sons of God alive in the world today, all over the world. All of these men are spiritual men, they judge ALL things, yet they themselves are judged by no one. Jesus Christ was judged by no one, when they crucified him on a tree, it was a display of the worst injustice that ever occurred from the beginning of the world to now! Please understand, injustice is not judgement, ALL judgement comes from God and he is righteous completely, God is the only judge of righteousness and every other man is a liar who carries out injustice, none of his judgments will stand! Among these spiritual men alive in the earth today, there is NO disagreement among them, NO disunity among them, NO lack of peace to be found in their ranks, they have all come through the door of Jesus Christ, they are transformed into his image, they are the sons of God awaiting the glory that belongs to their Father in heaven, of which they share.
These spiritual men I speak of are few today in number, but powerful, they hold the keys to the kingdom of God, not one of them teaches lies of any kind, these men don’t know everything, but this is how they differ from most men, they know what they know and they also know what they don’t know, all these men fear God, so what they know they speak in fear and love for their father – there is no fault to be found in their ranks, but love, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost! All of these men have a heritage they have received from their Father in heaven, and just like the only begotten Son of God, they are sons as well.
These spiritual men do not receive the praise and glory that come from men, they are not in an organization where votes and authority belongs to men, but they dwell in their Father’s Kingdom, an everlasting Kingdom, a Kingdom that will never be destroyed and will rule and reign with Christ forever, they receive the glory that can come from God alone! Any honor or promotion they receive from men always results in the glory of their Father in heaven, in promotion of his kingdom which will rule and reign forever. Men who promote men, men who seek their own authority and kingdom, these men always lie, cheat and steal that which does not belong to them, they are simply men on the stage of life promoting themselves who seek their own glory, not the glory of the Father in heaven.
If the Jews would have received Jesus, they would have ruled and reigned with Christ, their kingdom would have not been left desolate, they would have received all of the promises that belong to the children of Abraham. Today if those who call themselves Christians, even if a small percentage of those people who call themselves Christian, would receive these spiritual men who judge all things, the Kingdom of God would come and the rule of Christ on his throne would commence and all of the enemies of the Lord would be destroyed.
Most people believe that they don’t need these men, they can inherit the kingdom of God some other way, these men have images that are despised, just like Christ. People who will not receive a spiritual man are self promoters, they would have crucified the Lord Jesus, they don’t receive spiritual men, they can’t abide the idea that these men were found worthy and they were not! Jesus taught, “if you are not faithful with what belongs to another man, how shall God give you that which belongs to you?” Jesus also taught, “he who receives you receives me, he who does not receive you, does not receive me”. I could give you countless examples in the bible of these truths and yet the Kingdom of God is not ruling and reigning among us.
As for me, I am a spiritual man in this earth, I will continue to rightly judge all things, every word that comes out of my mouth will be true. All the glory of my Fathers house belongs to him alone, no man can promote me or demote me, because what I have received is from the Lord. Those who receive me will receive of the riches of my house and the honor of my house which is the honor of my Father’s house, I honor him. This is the patience and faith of the Saints, because their righteousness is of the Lord – ALL the promises to their father Abraham belong to them in Christ alone!