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Today I am going to make a STAND for truth, I am not going to sit down for truth, but STAND. This Truth is valuable truth, I speak from my heart out of the riches of Christ which are the riches of my house. Someone told me recently, “You are as bold as a Lion Robert”, and I will take that as a complement. But do know this, there are two different kinds of Lions, one devours (the Devil), and the other roars against his enemies (Jesus Christ), don’t get it wrong, you could well be killed in short matter by either of these Lions, but the one who roars is more powerful than the one who devours, he is the champion, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You should also know when you are dealing with a Lion, you have two choices, you are either his friend or you are his enemy, if you are his enemy then you better kill him or you won’t last long yourself. I don’t know if you have ever seen “The Chronicles of Narnia”, but you can’t kill Jesus Christ more than once, he rose from the dead and became even more powerful!

I am about to quote some scriptures, but for time’s sake I am going to keep this piece short and to the point, if you don’t know these things are scriptural, what am I to say?, read your bible.
There is just ONE Truth, ONE Faith, ONE Baptism (all from scripture). Paul the Apostle said “if an angel from heaven come and preach any other gospel other than what I preach, let him be accursed!” I too, out of the riches of my heart preach and teach Christ, unto the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks (about everyone else) it is foolishness. I teach and preach out of the riches of my house and if anyone teach or preach any other gospel other than what I teach and preach, let him be accursed! Did I not tell you in the beginning of this piece that I am come here today to STAND for TRUTH? You tell me, why do you think that it is alright for Paul, a man and servant of Christ, to make such a statement, but it is wrong for Robert, also a man and servant of Christ, to make the same statement?
I have learned some interesting things, well maybe I already knew them, but the Lord has shown me some things over the years, just by what is going on in our society. Have you ever watched a movie and had a concept of wisdom revealed to you? Some people don’t seem to understand that the earth belongs to the Lord and the fullness of this earth which we live on and he created. God doesn’t need permission from your favorite politician to do as he pleases with his creation, got it? So I have noticed the working of the Lord among us in unique and interesting ways, this working is in public for all to see. Just like we see a testimony of Christ in all of his creation, there are other testimonies as well.
Do you know that the popularity of talk radio over the last 20 years is a fairly new phenomenon? Do you also know the man largely responsible for this phenomenon is radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, the number one listened to talk radio show of all time? (at least here in the USA) Rush Limbaugh communicates with words, not music, in fact he can’t hear without his implants, so music is something he would rarely listen to. Rush Limbaugh is a sign from God of the power of Words, to me that kind of sounds like the Word of God – a sharp two edged sword, able to divide apart soul and spirit. Rush Limbaugh has a few quirks about him that just drive his enemies crazy , the man tells you that he is a gift from God and he is right almost all the time, better than 98%. This man has enemies that have been trying to shut down his voice for years, only to wake up the next day and find out, he is even stronger than ever! I find this phenomenon not only hilarious, but instructive as well. This man is not afraid to STAND for truth and to make his Word accountable for the whole world to see. His enemies are also a testimony for all to see, they are largely weak women and men who have no truth, and are offended by the very notion of unshakable truth!
Does this not testify to you? Is there not a lesson here, even given with humor, that we all could learn from? I think so, the Everlasting Word of God is always right, you cannot shut it down nor can you destroy it, it is certain and cannot be changed.
I STAND for Truth today as a Man jealous for the truth, you have no right to promote yourself, the earth belongs to the Lord, not you. I STAND because I know the Truth and your opinion is worthless in the light of the truth. This Lion is roaring against you today, will you be his friend or will you be his enemy? Remember, you can only kill Jesus Christ once, then he will arise and be more powerful than ever, he has a sharp two edged sword coming out of his mouth to destroy his enemies, those who are his enemies, those who crucified him, they will die and NEVER see the Kingdom of God!
Did you really think that this was some sort of a game? That you were equal, that your opinion counted, that God loves you just the way you are and you don’t need to repent, change and be born again? I hate to be the bearer of bad, but good news folks, your rule over your own self, your tyrannical rule over the things that belong to God is coming to an end, an abrupt end! God is king alone and he doesn’t need your vote!