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Last night as I was meditating on the Lord in my sleep, a thought and concept came to me, and shortly thereafter scriptures started also pouring into my mind, confirming the concept.  I believe this is the Lord and his working, so here I sit this morning to speak what the Lord has given me to speak.

The Lord did not speak to his people, the Jews, for 400 years, no word of the Lord came to them, NOTHING!   It would appear that God had totally forsaken his people, they had fallen into false teachings, their leaders, the Scribes and Pharisees were corrupt to the core and Jerusalem had become a spiritual type of Babylon, holding the people of God in captivity under the banner of a corrupt religious authority.  And almost like a thief in the night, like a snare to come upon the religious establishment, a King was born who would rule and reign on the throne of David.  They did not realize it yet, but the Kingdom of God, his rule and reign, had come in the form of a baby boy.

Even the authority and power structure of the earthly government was made aware of it, King Herod sent soldiers to kill all the male children of the people of God, because he heard of the boy who was to sit on the throne of David as King, he was frightened and afraid to loose power.  As it is recorded in the scriptures; (Mat 2:18) In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.  So Joseph and Mary, the mother and father of Jesus, heard in a dream, they fled persecution into Egypt until Herod died. After the wicked earthly King died, they then returned to a land flowing with milk and honey to bring the Kingdom of God to the Jews, for which he came.

I sincerely hope you have come here today with your best understanding, with your wisest scholars of scriptures, with the brightest minds, with the poor of God’s people, with the humble in heart, if you look closely at my monologue, there is more truth to be found then I have time or space today to explain.  Read slowly, consider, meditate with the scriptures in mind, you may find truth that I skipped over, truth that I might not even be aware of, this is from the Lord.

Today we are living at a time very similar to the time that Jesus came, a time of great darkness, a time in which we have not heard Kingdom shaking, ground shaking Words from the Lord in any major way for many years, hundreds of years.  Perhaps the greatest time of change last recorded in history was at the time of the great reformation, yes that occurred in the ball park of 400 years ago!  I realize that we have had little bumps along the way, revivals, words, the work of salvation in the lives of people, people have died and went to their eternal home, preachers have preached both great and small, BUT NEVER DID THE KINGDOM OF GOD COME TO MEN, the rule and reign of Christ on the earth.

Please do understand that the great reformation was unique in that it brought the people of God out of the captivity of a corrupt religious system, the people of God came out of Babylon, read what they said, that’s what they believed, they wrote in their writings that the Catholic church was the mother of harlots.  The reformation was also unique and comparable to the time of Christ, because the earthly wicked kings of this earth were shaken to the core, never since that time has their been any move of God which produced such a shaking to the wicked powers of this world!  Just like the time of Christ when the rule and reign of Christ was near, the reformation fell into defeat when they made an agreement with the wicked kings of this earth, they made a compact of cooperation, the Protestants became the wicked rulers of this earth, persecuting those who opposed them with the force of the state.  Read “The Diaries of George Fox”, that’s all the proof you need to establish these facts, any time the people of God make an agreement with the enemy, the state, which Satan controls, then the people of God become the enemy, and rule as wicked kings!

This story is so amazing when you think about it, everyone has seen the movie “Lord of the Rings” right?  When the people of God get “The Ring of Power”, it corrupts them, this ring answers to the Devil alone!  Think about that one brothers!  Need I say more?  When the Devil tempted Jesus he said, “If you fall down and worship me I will give you “The Ring of Power”, I will give you the power to rule men which I give to whom I will.”  Jesus had victory over the temptations of the Devil with the everlasting Word of God, he said “thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve”, Jesus refused “The Ring of Power”!  Three hundred years later a man was appointed by Satan to rule the kingdoms of this world, he made an agreement with the people of God, they did not resist this offer as Jesus did, so “The Ring of Power” which answers to the Devil alone, corrupted them and they became the Catholic church and murdered more of the people of the Lord than anyone ever!  After the reformation had taken root, in the late 1500’s, again, the kingdoms of this world were shaken by the truth of the gospel, so in the ball park of a hundred years later, an agreement was struck again for “The Ring of Power”, which answers to the Devil alone, the Protestants agreed to receive “The Ring of Power”, fell down and worshiped Satan and began to rule and reign on the earth, they to were corrupted and began to persecute and kill the people of God in large numbers.

Do you understand what has happened here? The Devil rules the kingdoms of this world, he gives them to whom he will, the ring of power answers to no one but him.  Even the Lord Jesus was tempted by this ring of power.  But the Lord Jesus was made victorious by his death and resurrection, he got victory over the ring of power.  The Lord Jesus sits on the right hand of the Father and EVERYTHING belongs to him, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, Jesus does not need the Devil’s permission to set up one king for his purposes and put down another king for his same purposes, God has always been God, he rules alone, as he always has, no one has and ever will, take the ownership of the earth away from the one who created it, even Jesus the Word of God who created all things.  The Devil has temporary powers at best, even wicked rulers have done the will of God without knowing it, God is so far above the powers of the Devil, even the Devil himself is a servant of the Lord against his will, he would not have crucified our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had he know the power that would be released against his kingdom and rule!  And I bet you didn’t think that the Lord Jesus could use such a movie as an illustration of such deep truth, did you?  You saw the pointy hats and evil faces of darkness and you condemned “The Lord of the Rings” as only a tool of darkness, didn’t you?  I am here to report to you today the Lord is still sitting on the throne and he is already victorious over the Devil and his ring of power!

Unfortunately I believe I have come to a place where I am force to stop and continue with part 2 of this piece.  The word the Lord gave to me last night is just beginning, I know you have a life and I don’t want these articles to be so long that you get discouraged from reading them.  Many readers have greater reading skills and can read more quickly than others.  But let me say this, if what I have said in this piece today doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will.  In part two I will continue down the same vein and expose more secrets of the Kingdom of God, signs and wonders, Truth and the work of Jonah, the prophet and much more.  All I am saying is this hang on to your hat, the Lord is speaking, this is going to change everything!  Part 2 to come shortly.