Hello I am Robert Begnaud, I am a servant of the Lord God, creator of heaven and earth.  My facebook page is here to glorify no one else but the Lord, not you or I.  I do not allow chaos in my threads.  You may not post links in my threads to prove your point unless I see that the threads assist in the conversation, but if you are just trying to promote yourself or spread propaganda I will delete your comments, if you persist, I will unfriend you and block you if necessary.  These are MY posts, my threads, and you don’t have a right to take them over.  If I come to your threads, which I might, I will obey your rules as well, I will treat you the same way that I want to be treated.  I do occasionally post an article from this website in another person’s thread, if they tell me to stop, I will.

I will not allow continuous unfruitful debate adnauseam, the Devil wants to be heard by his much speaking, it’s called a smoke screen.  I do not allow people to paste a thousand scriptures to make their point or give long speeches in a thread, it is not only rude, it’s not necessary.  People do not want to come to my thread and hear your long speeches or ramblings, if you do that I will delete it, if you continue I will unfriend and block you.  How can a person expect that I am to believe that they are submitted to God if they cannot follow simple rules?  ANYONE can win a debate if they can make the rules!  If you hold me down and place a gag in my mouth, well there you go, you won the debate, you got no answer, brilliant!  If I ask you an important question that pertains to the conversation we are having and you don’t know the answer, why should I ask the next question?  If you are wrong in one scripture, why do you need fifty?  There is not ONE scripture if quoted in context that contradicts what I believe, I am a fair man, I expect the same from you.

Truth is simple, but only the wise understand it, yet a little child has the ability to grasp it.  I would also suggest that you read a post I recently put up on Truth.  Every word must be established by two – three witnesses (Mat. 18:16), I establish Truth by two to three witnesses, The Son (the Word), The Spirit (Isa. 11:4) and the Father, his works.  If you want to argue about one witness, that won’t stand, you can use a scripture, but unless you have wisdom which God provides, your opinion to me is worthless.  Anyone can make ANY truth he desires with scriptures, he can read them out of context, he can find a translation that matches what he wants it to say, he can appeal to translators of world wisdom all in an attempt to make the bible say what he wants, that doesn’t impress me!  I can not only tell you what the scriptures say, but why, I can give you wisdom that can only come from God.  The Bible is NOT the Word of God, Jesus is the Word of God, but the Bible records the scripture which Jesus constantly quoted from.  Again, the Devil uses many words to deceive the simple, tries to make himself look smart, but the Lord Jesus speaks a few words of wisdom and shuts the mouths of the Scribes and Pharisees.  If you are wise, be like me, speak truth, be precise, show understanding, but keep it short and don’t be rude.  If you are wrong, then admit to it or go whine somewhere else, it’s not my fault that you picked up a lie somewhere, just maybe you need to repent.

Anyone who teaches doctrine which glorifies himself, is not glorifying the Lord.  I won’t change what I believe because you said it, I will change my belief because God said it, if you can’t prove that to me, don’t waste my time – two to three witnesses, let’s hear it folks!

And a special message to the ladies and also the feminized males out there.  I do not and will never speak in a way that you like, I am not here to impress you, I don’t care whether you judge me loving or unloving, I am not running for political office and I am not asking for your vote.  But what I am here to do is speak Truth, no man alive can refute the word of wisdom and truth that I speak, what I have is from the Lord.  I know you women think I am being arrogant and unloving, well I am here to tell you, you just don’t know what the Lord has called me to do.  I have six sisters, five daughters, three granddaughters, I know exactly what I am doing.  I just ask one thing of you, before you go off on me, just tell me factually what I said that was wrong?  Heck yes I speak with authority, I don’t talk like your mommy, God hasn’t called me to do that.  Maybe if you stick around you will find out something your missing yourself about life in dealing with people.  God did not call me to lay on the ground so fools can walk over me, if that is what you believe is godly, do it, not me!

God is Love and He Lives in Me, Deal with it!  So as long as the Lord is finally glorified, why would you want anything else?  I got a ministry to do, and it won’t look the way that  you want it to look, but just watch how the Lord is going to use me, you got a few things to learn, let the Lord lead you, not your flesh!