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What I will NEVER understand about remnant Christians (or whatever they wish to call themselves, the anti-institutional – anti-church going – anti-Babylon sort) They always claim they want unity with “like-minded” fellow saints, yet they refuse to rightly judge others. That is they refuse to behave themselves in a manner so as to ascertain the truth about those who they come in contact with who claim the mantle of “Remnant Saints”.
The scriptures are chalked full of instruction about dealing with brothers, scriptures like Matt. ch. 18, you are told in so many words “if you have a problem with your brother don’t bother offering your gifts to God at the altar before you make it right with him, go to your brother first.” However, I am not talking about the way to behave with brothers here, I am rather addressing how to behave among people who claim the mantle of “The Remnant”, yet in all practical honesty, they remain strangers.

I think it is a mistake for you or I to claim remnant christian brotherhood, when in fact we remain strangers. I have found myself caught in circumstances over the years, while in the interest of gaining a brother or striving for unity, I get caught applying the same principles to strangers and to brothers alike, I think we are mistaken when we fail to properly distinguish between the two. Here is a scripture instructing us on brothers vs. strangers: “(Heb 13:1-2) Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Notice that we are instructed to “let brotherly love continue” (with brothers) and “not forget to entertain strangers” (with strangers), obviously two different distinct people, right?
Since I have spent all of my adult life watching proclaiming brothers and sisters attempt to “start a church” they could control, or “start a christian group”, they could make exclusive and control, all along claiming the mantel and authority of Jesus Christ, I continue to ask the question, what ever went wrong? They are all gone now, they have long failed the task, now they are nothing more than a self interested political committee of the dead, white washed tombs, just like Jesus said about the religious leaders of his day.
The issue is this, Jesus Christ alone is the head of HIS body, “The Church”, more accurately called “The Ecclesia”, interpreted “The Called Out Ones”. He will NEVER give his glory to another, there will NEVER be any man or woman who will stand up in HIS congregation and claim that mantel which belongs to Christ alone. When people usurp this authority or mantel, they become “anti-Christ”, in place of Christ, so Jesus leaves and allows them to continue in their rebellion and idolatry until the result or consequences are realized, these people either die spiritually or split up, because light can have no fellowship with darkness.
My next point here is CRITICALLY important, hear me, NO one can kick me out of the LORD’s congregation, NO ONE!  I am not saying that Matt. 18 is not valid, instead what I am saying is you don’t get to vote on whether I am apart of the congregation of the Lord or not, the ONLY thing that you can do is OBSERVE whether or not I am accepted by the Lord or not. If you accept those who are accepted by the Lord, then HE is the head, if you fail to accept those who are accepted by the Lord, then YOU HAVE REJECTED CHRIST himself! The result of rejecting Christ himself is DEATH!
I will never respect those who run around claiming the mantle of Christ while failing to properly judge their brothers, while rejecting Christ. I will never respect big spoiled self-interested people who walk around with a chip on their shoulder, refusing to even speak honestly to others, refusing to entertain strangers, refusing to love true brothers and judge them rightly. Those who behave themselves in this manner are deceived, they lack the fear of God, they don’t realize that true brothers and sisters can go before the throne of God, God will hear them and repay those who have mistreated them. Those who refuse to rightly judge and love their brothers are rejecting Christ himself and are endanger of hell fire, in other-words, they have effectively called their brother a fool.
I am well aware – because of the sins of the people of God today, they are scattered, they are confused, they are alone and NO one can force unity when God has scattered. I am well aware that true brotherly love and unity can only come from God alone by his grace, but that still doesn’t change the truth I am speaking of here today. I have and continue to experience this dynamic, this anti-Christ spirit among professing brothers and I continue to be grieved in heart, amused and amazed that people can be so foolish to reject Jesus Christ himself and have no fear.
On a positive note, do you know what happened in the early Christian congregation among the brethren when they spoke the same things and their love for one another increased? Look it up, when these things happened among the brethren they had LIFE, they GREW in the Word of God, the GRACE of God increased among them, the GIFTS of the Spirit increased among them, the GLORY of the Lord was seen upon them, the WHOLE world could look at them and KNOW that these were the people of God, so the Lord received the glory.

Carefully analyze this scripture for a minute (1Jn 1:7) But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.
Would it be correct to also say “But if we walk in darkness, we will have no fellowship with one another or Christ for that matter and the blood of Jesus Christ then does not cleanse you from all sins”? Ever thought about it that way before?

So again today I make this plea, I don’t want to be guilty of any man’s blood, those who are being destroyed will do so not to my account, their own ignorance and bitterness will destroy them. If you believe that I have done you wrong, for the sake of God friend, don’t wait any longer, drop your pride and come to me! Just maybe you have been living under a complete delusion, just maybe you think you know a man, because of the man made device we call the internet, just maybe you will find out that we are just really strangers and have NEVER really embarked on a proper path to true fellowship or brotherhood. All I am saying friend is maybe the glory of the Lord awaits if we can finally in obedience to the Lord just do what is right? And if you are my enemy, then repent before you die, because NO ONE who belongs to Christ is an enemy of a servant of Christ and Christ is NOT DIVIDED!