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I decided to set the bible aside today, and just tell you in simple English what is different about me.  Maybe some would think that I am just the same as everyone else, but I know that I am not.  If I were like everyone else, then I wouldn’t need this blog, there would be no reason to write anything.  It’s because the Lord has made me different, I have ideas that are not common and ways that are here to challenge you to your very core.   Over a course of time I have approached many people highly respected and simply asked them to judge me, I wanted them to explain to me why I am different, none of them could judge me, they just all had an opinion and none of them had properly used the scriptures, none of them agreed with the judgement to any remarkable extent at all.  But I do have judgement and so let me tell you what is different about me.

What is different about me.

I believe that everlasting truth, the Word of God, is valuable, so valuable that only the very richest of people (spiritually speaking) posses it.  I believe in the power of God to hide his truth.  While they misuse the scriptures, “study to show thyself approved” – they trust in their efforts of hard study. I fear and tremble at the Word of God and notice the power of God hiding his truth from them.  They posses just enough truth to assure themselves that they are favored by the Lord, but close examination of their words and actions prove that the Word of God does not dwell in them.  While they thrive in worldly debates, so does the devil, but when in comes down to it, they cannot really prove anything other than voice their opinion and rely upon their popularity to affirm it!

I believe that God hides his truth from the very people who claim to be the authority on it, so I believe in the power of God.  They struggle about words and debate, about logic and reasoning to no avail and all the while they cannot answer the most crucial effective questions that can be poised.  They are wise in their own eyes, but God’s wisdom is not of this world.

I believe that God has the power and has promised to judge his people.  I do not believe that the “New Covenant” vs. “The Old Covenant” changes the nature of who God is.  He judged his people of Old and he is now judging his people of New the same way.  They used to have a literal land flowing with milk and honey and now they have a spiritual land flowing with milk and honey.  When I hear proclaiming brothers with different judgements, different truths, different wisdom, different eternal knowledge, a different knowing of the will of God, I recognize the judgements of God upon these people and so I do not rejoice with them in their standard of righteousness, it falls way short of God.

I believe in the highness of God, I believe in lifting up the holy one of Israel.  The very people who I am desirous to convince, continue as they have always, to say “lift not up the holy one of Israel before us”.  Simply put, I have a vision and revelation of the true fellowship of the saints and Christ, and I will not rejoice in any arrangement that falls short of this glory I have seen.  So many men out there, former elders of the harlot church system, they have a vision as well, it’s more of the same brothers, it’s more of the same, they know nothing different and trust that they are approved!  I am not a success of the harlot church system, I have been an adversary of it all of my life, as long as I was involved.  These men have their sense of what is wrong and right, but they rely on the same sources, opinions and popularity to affirm themselves, God has not affirmed them.  While they desire to make the house look pretty, I am here to remind them that the foundations are cracked.

I believe that the Word of God is living and I have sought over the years to hide these living words in my heart.  I believe that the living Word of God is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  Out of the abundance of the deceitful hearts of men come words that reveal it, that exposes it’s self.  I believe you can know what is in the heart of men and their secret counsels can be exposed.  Other men judge, relying on their popularity to save them, I can tell you why my judgements are righteous, this is the kind of judgement I sought for from others and failed to receive.  If you cannot even agree on where to start in righteous judgement, you sure can’t have righteous judgement.

I believe in and trust in the Grace of God alone, as the Power of God in my life to direct my paths.  I also believe that God is perfectly capable and willing to make my paths crooked, and so I fear and tremble at his words and seek for grace and mercy in all of my ways.  I don’t write on this blog without the grace of God, I don’t pray without the grace of God, I don’t go to work without the grace of God, I don’t preach without the grace of God, I don’t love my wife or family without the grace of God.  I don’t trust in my own reasoning, logic or sense to direct my paths, I look to live in the life of Christ alone, it is his righteousness alone I seek to live in.  By his grace alone I am saved, so I hunger and thirst after righteousness!

What is different about me is my sense of love, goodness, charity, kindness, relational protocol in our society; I don’t trust in the goodness, charity and kindness or relational protocol in our matriarchal society of failure.  I say this, you go raise YOUR family and we’ll see, you go do the hard work and we will see what becomes of it.  I have my own family before the throne to be concerned with, while some desperately wish to see failure there, they have, and continue to be disappointed.  My family, and the way I raise my kids is between God and myself, when I sit down with my family, I know they are in the mercy of God, because truth comes forth.  So sorry folks, I am not going to contend with the feelings of your wives about my conduct or protocol – it’s the grace of God I look to!   You know the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” , how about this one in our backwards society  “one man’s love is another man’ hate!”  I look to God that I would hate the things that he hates and love the things that he loves – outside of his grace I am nothing!

I am sure I must have missed a few things or failed to properly describe it, but in short, this is why we don’t have fellowship with one another, this is what separates the really smart people from myself.  I trust in God and also walk mournfully before the Lord, and will settle for nothing less, I rejoice in the highness of God!  That makes me different!  Thanks for listening!